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Community Services Revitalization

                                                             Addiction Services Logo                       Mental Health Logo

Community Services is excited to announce the Chemical Dependency Clinic has changed its name to St. Lawrence County Addiction Services as part of an organization-wide revitalization.  St. Lawrence County Community Services operates a Mental Health Clinic in Canton and Addiction Clinics located in Canton, Ogdensburg, Massena, and Gouverneur. 

The mission of St. Lawrence County Community Services is to provide individuals and families confidential and professional outpatient mental health and addiction services promoting wellness and recovery.  The mission of Addiction Services is to provide quality substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services leading to improved health, wellness, and security.  The new name reflects the organization’s mission to be a patient-centric and innovative bright spot in the recovery landscape with a continuum of care patients need to reach their full potential.

The organization’s new logos were designed to incorporate colors and symbols that represent healing qualities.  The green represents quiet, restful, soothing; blue represents serenity, calm, and is used for stress management; and the orange represents warmth, happiness, healing, and joy.  The entire logo is encapsulated in a circle to represent an ongoing healing process and the tree at the center to represent growth and change.
Color has long been known to have both psychological and physiological effects on people. Color is everywhere and it influences our moods and emotions. Our logos were designed with color to capture the essence of the services we provide in our clinics,” said Amy L. Richardson, the St. Lawrence County Mental Health Program Director.

We are excited to embrace our new identity as St. Lawrence County Addiction Services and to continue providing the individuals we serve with accessible, patient-centric care. The decision to rename our organization was an easy one as St. Lawrence County Community Services strives to reduce harmful stereotypes about addiction and mental illness, improving access to care, and support for people affected by these diseases.  We know that stigma isolates people, and discourages people from coming forward for treatment.

“Removing the stigma that surrounds addiction is an important step in getting more people into treatment. Our name change isn’t just representative of a shift in the way in which we view addictive disorders, it also is a reflection of our approach to treatment and recovery efforts here in St. Lawrence County. Building on this new approach, we are committed to utilizing our resources to help combat addiction and overdoses, while also utilizing evidence-based approaches to prevention, treatment and recovery,” said Sheena Smith, the St. Lawrence County Addiction Services Program Director.

At ommunity Services, we take a comprehensive approach to promote recovery from the effects of substance use and mental health disorders and other health issues. An approach that strips away the chains of addiction and mental illness so that, together, you and your family can begin a new life of hope and healing at every stage of the recovery process.

“The renaming and new logos represent the culmination of many innovative and positive changes the clinics have accomplished over the past several years. Community Services’ treatment philosophy is to provide the least restrictive level of care necessary to effectively address patient need. It is an integrated system of care, allowing patients to move between service levels based upon a person’s need. Ongoing assessments of strengths inform the development of plans of care to addresses individual social, emotional, physical, vocational, educational, employment, family and spiritual needs,” said Jay Ulrich, the Director of Community Services. 

In addition to our new name and logos we will also be adding a Mobile Treatment Vehicle late this fall. This was made possible by State Opioid Response (SOR) funds awarded to St. Lawrence County Addiction Services to increase access to treatment for Opioid use disorder. The goal of this initiative is to expand the availability and access to addiction treatment services in underserved areas of the county.  This mobile clinic will have two treatment rooms and will be custom outfitted with video conferencing equipment and software to deliver two-way real-time interactive services to individuals in need of medication assisted treatment and other health services.  

All of our programs are medically supervised and managed by accredited counselors and recovery professionals. In 2020, St. Lawrence County Community Services programs have helped over 3,964 individuals in St. Lawrence County.

The name change to St. Lawrence County Addiction Services will not alter any services currently offered and relationships with referral partners will remain intact. To learn more, please visit