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Payment Options

The St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department accepts cash and checks for payment on all products and services.  Customers also have the option of setting up a charge account and being billed monthly.

Credit Application

The St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department Credit Application is now available on line.  Please review the credit policy located after the application before filling it out. Applications must be filled out completely, signed as indicated and faxed to (315) 379-1061.  Credit reference review will begin as soon as your application is received. 

NOTE - Please be certain that credit reference information includes a contact person and a fax number.  Please do not use a bank as a credit reference.  Credit references should be local businesses that you currently have an open account with.  If this information is missing, it may slow the process down.

The original, signed credit application with the non-refundable $25.00 credit application fee must be mailed to our office at the address to the left.  As soon as the credit reference check is completed, you will be notified if your application has been approved.

Please direct any questions to (315) 379-9084.

Credit Application

Hauler Permit Process

St. Lawrence County requires all companies, haulers, municipalities or other entities to obtain a permit issued by the Solid Waste Department authorizing the permit holder to dispose of solid waste and/or recyclable materials at the County's transfer stations.

Application Packets and applicable forms are available on-line (see below) or at your local transfer station.  Forms can also be obtained by mail by calling or e-mailing the Solid Waste Office.

Hauler Permit Information and Application Packet

Hauler Permit Application (application form only)

Unloading Assistance Form

Please Direct any questions to (315) 379-9084

Services & Fees

The St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department provides solid waste disposal options and recycling avenues to the residents of the county. A list of services and fees are listed below.


The St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department collects surcharges on some items that are hauled from St. Lawrence County directly to the DANC landfill in Rodman, NY.  Surcharges apply for the following materials.                     

Item | Surcharge

  • DIRECT HAUL MSW | $9.00 / ton
  • DIRECT HAUL C&D | $9.00 / ton
  • (DH) SLUDGE-NON BENEFICIAL | $11.50 / ton
  • (DH) SLUDGE -BENEFICIAL | $11.50 / ton
  • (DH) SEWAGE SLUDGE | $11.50 / ton
  • (DH) INDUSTRIAL WASTE | $11.50 / ton
  • (DH) CONTAMINATED SOIL | $0.00 / ton
  • (DH) ASBESTOS-FRIAB | $11.50 / ton
  • (DH) ASBESTOS-BULK | $11.50 / ton

Scale Services

Item | Gate Rate Per Ton | Minimum Charge

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) | $166.00 | $15.00
  • Construction & Demolition | $162.00 | $15.00
  • Recyclables | $30.00 | $1.00
  • Car/Light Duty TruckTires* | $180.00 | $15.00
  • Commercial/Loader/Farm/Oversized Tires* | $180.00 | $15.00
  • Mattresses/Box Spring Any Size | $8.00 Per Unit 
  • Single Bag(s) | $4.00 per bag 
  • Scale Only (weighing service) | $5.00 per event 
  • Residential Scrap Steel | No Charge 

Haulers - MSW and C&D | $134.00 | $15.00

NOTE - Haulers must be permitted to receive this lower rate.  See permit instructions above.

* Tires should be off the rims! 

Call your local transfer station if you have questions about the disposal of a particular product.

Bags & Tags

The St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department offers our “Bags & Tags” program to our customers who wish to use the transfer stations, but do not want or need to use our scale services. This is a pay-as-you-throw program where our customers buy bags and/or tags at the transfer station and then use our self-service area for their disposal needs.

Bags – Green Bags for MSW or Garbage 

  • Sold 5 to a bundle at a cost of $20.00
  • Should weigh no more than 25 lbs
  • Can be disposed of in self-service area or on tipping floor, depending on the transfer station that you use.

Tags – Recycling Tags   (Click HERE - SLC Recycling Instructions)  

  • Sold 5 to a bundle at a cost of $2.00
  • For Glass, Metal & Plastic or Cardboard & Mixed Paper – a tag is necessary on each group. (i.e. One for GMP and one for paper products)
  • Recyclables must be brought in clear plastic bag or recycling bin.
  • Should weigh no more than 25 lbs
  • Can be disposed of in self-service area 

Combo (Bags & Tags) – Green Bags and Recycling Tags 

  • Sold at a cost of $22.000
  • You receive a bundle of bags & tags
  • Same rules as above apply for the bags & tags.

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