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Environmental Health

Our partial service Sanitarian Program provides environmental health education to residents of St. Lawrence County on topics including: 

  • Water Quality
  • Septic Systems
  • Mold
  • Pests


Additionally, the Sanitarian investigates public health nuisances within St. Lawrence County. 

To file a formal public health complaint

Complaint Form *Please read all instructions before submitting your complaint form. Only complaints within St. Lawrence County and under public health jurisdiction will be addressed*

For concerns outside the purview of the Sanitarian, please contact the appropriate agency.


Phone Number


Code Enforcement Officers

Contact official for your Town/City

Housing concerns and property questions

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


Pollution related concerns

St. Lawrence County Sheriff


Animal welfare concerns

NYS Department of Health 315-386-1040 Environmental health concerns, regulations, and permitted establishments such as restaurants

Sanitarian Critter Proofing


Protect Yourself from Tickborne Disease this Hunting Season

Tips for Critter Proofing Your Home

Tips for Lead-Safe Gardening

Tips for DIY Lead-Safe Renovations

Guidance for Maintaining Septic Systems

Information on Household Water and Sewage

Information on Environmental Nuisance Issues

Additional Environmental Resources