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Why I Got My COVID19 Shot


Public Health

We are experiencing very high call volume.  If you call, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


I need an ISOLATION order

(you tested positive)

I need a QUARANTINE order

(you were exposed to a positive)

I need to submit a HOME-TEST

**You will no longer receive a RELEASE OF ISOLATION**  

For More Information on Specific Quarantine & Isolation Dates/Guidance Click Here

Did you take a COVID-19 home test?

To report a home test to SLC Public Health

Click here and fill out our online form (Preferred)


Call St. Lawrence County Public Health at 315-386-2325 or Email: with your name, date of test, brand, lot number, and where you purchased the test.  

St. Lawrence County Public Health has openings for a full-time Deputy Director, Community Health Nurse, Service Coordinator,  Senior Account Clerk, Temporary Registered Nurse, Temporary Public Health Specialist, Temporary Part-Time Public Health Specialist.

For more information on how to apply, go to:

St. Lawrence County Job Postings

COVID-19 Daily Update


COVID-19 vaccines- including booster doses and pediatric doses for 5-11 year-olds are free and widely available statewide through pediatricians, doctors, healthcare providers, pharmacies, local health departments, federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics and other locations across New York State.

Use the COVID-19 vaccine finder to help find a vaccine today! 


COVID-19 Daily Update

We are hiring!


The New York State Public Health Corps (NYSPHC) will build public health capacity to support COVID-19 vaccination operations and to increase preparedness for future public health emergencies. The NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) will work with community partners to identify and train up to 1,000 fellows to participate in the NYSPHC Fellowship Program.

Candidates for the full-time, paid NYSPHC Fellowship Program include recent graduates and students advanced in their studies in public health programs, nursing schools and medical schools, retired medical professionals, and laypeople, each of whom will be concurrently enrolled in Cornell University’s Public Health Essentials Certificate Program. Individuals with training in public health, medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology/pharmacy, allied health, social services, communications and information technology, logistics planning, education, and emergency health programs are encouraged to apply.

For more information:

Press Releases

1/21/2022: St. Lawrence County Public Health Updates COVID-19 Contact Tracing Process

12/13/2021: St. Lawrence County Public Health Urges Community to Get Flu Vaccine

11/22/2021: NYSACHO Recognizes National Public Health “Thank You” Day

11/12/2021: St. Lawrence County Public Health Department launches #VAXTOSTAY COVID-19 vaccination clinics

10/13/2021: Governor Hochul Announces 21 New #VAXTOSCHOOL Pop-up Sites

Quarterly Newsletters

**Archived Newsletters**

Annual Report  

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department's 2020 Annual Report can be found here 

Mission Statement

To ensure the health, safety and quality of life for all St. Lawrence County residents. The department is dedicated to protecting the health of our community by:

  • Controlling the spread of disease;
  • Promoting healthy choices;
  • Providing timely health information;
  • Promoting the health and development of infants and children;
  • Plan for and help to mitigate any public health emergency. 

The department’s philosophy is that prevention is better than a cure, healthy families need healthy environments, safety first must be a way of life, and that people must be empowered to take care of themselves.

 The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department has been serving the county since 1936. We offer a wide variety of health services and programs to county residents, geared toward improving both individual health and well being; and that of the community.