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Map For All Seasons

Map for All Seasons

St. Lawrence County is the largest county in New York State in terms of area.  There are small, local maps that describe certain natural and recreational features, but an overall guide for the County as a whole has only been occasionally available.  This is the niche that the Map For All Seasons (map side)  Map For All Seasons (text side) was designed to fill.  Visitors or residents can consult the map, find out what they want to do and then, if necessary, obtain more detailed information on specific sites.  The map is visually pleasing, clear and easy to use.  It promotes an awareness and appreciation for the abundant natural resources found in the County.  

The Map For All Seasons is a tourism and recreation-oriented map of St. Lawrence County.  It consists of a 34” X 44” folded map of the County with numbered sites of interest, a legend and a table that identifies and explains the qualities of each site.  The reverse side of the map includes a bibliography, contact information, pieces on the flora and fauna and geology of the County and tips for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council (EMC) received the New York State Association of Environmental Management Councils first place award for their Map For All Seasons at the 2002  Conference on the Environment which was held October 5th in Corning, New York.

The map was created by EMC staff with involvement of EMC and County Planning Board (CPB) members, who validated information for each municipality in the County, wrote selected sections and proofread the draft.  Funding for the project came from the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators through the Chamber of Commerce and New York State.

To view the map itself, which includes a list of available recreational facilities located in each town in the county, click here to view the map .  Click on the facilities list for each town, and you will be connected to the appropriate portion of the map.

Please be aware that the map page is a VERY large file - over 2 MEG.

But don't forget the text side of the Map For All Seasons; this side is only 270 KB in size.

The text side includes:

  • An excellent bibliography and sources of information.
  • Information about hiking, boating/canoeing/kayaking, X-C skiing and camping.
  • A description of St. Lawrence County geology.  (Did you know that the Adirondack mountains were once as tall as the Himalayas are today?  Or, that the land once was under sea level?)
  • General guidelines for outdoor recreation.
  • A wonderful essay, "St. Lawrence: A County for All Seasons", written especially for the Map For All Seasons by Peter O'Shea, a local resident, writer, naturalist, conservationalist and environmentalist.  Peter served on the St. Lawrence County EMC for ten years. 

  Click here to access the text side of the Map For All Seasons.

You can obtain a physical copy by contacting the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce at:

5862 US RT. 11
Canton, New York 13617
Phone: (315) 386-4000
FAX: (315) 379-0134
E-mail Planning