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Construction Projects

2020 Bridge/Large Culvert Construction

  • South Shore Road bridge reconstruction, Town of Fine.  Open throughout construction and scheduled to be completed by 6/30/2021
  • Bridge Preservation Project
    • CR17 Bridge (100' West of SR812), Town of DeKalb.  Closure scheduled from 7/20/20 through September.
    • CR46 Bridge (150' Southwest of Carey Road), Town of Massena - Currently closed through mid-September.
    • CR8 Bridge (100' East of CR3), Town of Rossie.  Closure scheduled from 8/21/20 through November.
    • CR3 Bridge (Between Mine Road and Scotch Settlement Road), Town of Rossie - Currently closed through August.
  • Talcville Bridge Reconstruction, Town of Edwards.  Currently closed through November.
  • CR17 Culvert Replacement Project, Culverts are located approximately midway between Russell and Hermon and .20 miles south of Pooler Road.  Culvert between Russell and Hermon currently closed until mid-July.
  • CR39 Culvert Replacement, .55 miles north of SR 310, Town of Norfolk.  Currently closed until late August.  
  • CR53 Culvert Replacement, .45 miles northwest of Depot Street, Town of Brasher.  Scheduled closure from mid-August to mid-October.  


2020 Tentative Road/Paving Construction

  • CR10, Townline to SR68, 2.24 miles, Town of Lisbon
  • CR11, Mayhew Rd. going 2.61 miles south, Towns of Depeyster and Dekalb
  • CR14, SR68 going east 1.60 miles, Town of Canton
  • CR15, US11 to Irish Settlement Rd., 3.52 miles, Town of Canton
  • CR24, County line to California Rd., 2.07, Town of Fowler
  • CR25, several portions between CR21 and CR24, 2.50 miles, Town of Russell
  • CR27, CR24 going south 1.60 miles, Towns Clare and Pierrepont
  • CR27, Clare town barn going north .80 miles, Town of Clare
  • CR 28, Wood Rd. to CR27, 2.50 miles, Town of Lisbon
  • CR49, O'Brien Rd. to CR38, 1.50 miles, Town of Norfolk
  • CR55, Meyers Rd to Helena, 1.45 miles, Town of Brasher