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Fire Advisory Board

Pursuant to Section 225-A of New York State County Law, St. Lawrence County has established the St. Lawrence County Fire Advisory Board. It shall be the duty of this Board to cooperate with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control in relation to such programs for fire training, fire-related activities, and mutual aid; to act as an advisory body to the County government and to the County Fire Coordinator; and to provide information concerning issues surrounding emergency services.

The St. Lawrence County Fire Advisory Board shall consist of not more than twenty-one (21) regular members. The term limit for membership shall be three (3) years.

Name Exp. Date
Adrian Bush 12/23
Arthur Howie 12/23
Bob Crowe 12/23
Bob Kerr 12/23
Chris Sherwin 12/23
John Lashomb 12/23
Donald McCarthy 12/23
Richard Rusaw 12/21
Erik Johnson 12/21
Steve Parker 12/21
Scott McRobbie 12/21
Thomas Popham 12/21
Thomas Miller 12/21
Larry Whitton 12/21
Donald Brown 12/22
Tom Conklin 12/22
Mark Bomyea 12/22
Joseph Finnegan 12/22
Joseph Gallagher 12/22
Kevin Crosby 12/22
Patrick O'Brien 12/22