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Bureau of EMS - EMS Advisory Board

Pursuant to Section 223-B of New York State County Law and St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators Resolution 144-81, St. Lawrence County has established the St. Lawrence County EMS Advisory Board. It shall be the duty of this Board to cooperate with appropriate state agencies in relation to such programs for EMS training, EMS-related activities, and mutual aid; to act as an advisory body to the County government and to the County EMS Coordinator; and to provide information concerning issues surrounding emergency services.

Pursuant to the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators Resolution 182-2020 and the St. Lawrence County EMS Advisory Board By-Laws, in order to adequately represent all aspects of EMS, the St. Lawrence County EMS Advisory Board membership shall consist of at least ten (10), but not more than twenty-one (21) members, of which at least one-third (1/3) shall be representative of St. Lawrence County Ambulance Service providers, and the remaining shall consist of, but not be limited to, representatives of public health, public safety, law enforcement, fire services, hospitals, medical professionals, general public, and the consumers. These members shall be appointed by the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators upon nomination by rescue squads, hospital administrators, nurses' organizations, doctors, private citizens, or individual legislators. The term limit shall be three (3) years.

Category Name Exp. Date
Administrator Julianne Sciorra 12/20
Administrator Jay Moore 12/22
Administrator Philip Royce 12/21
Administrator Tammy Sykes 12/21
At-Large   12/21
At-Large Nicholas Wildey 12/22
At-Large Christopher Velez 12/22
Consumer Phyllis McDougall 12/20
Law Enforcement Kevin Wells 12/20
Medical Prof. Ryan Coates 12/22
Nursing Prof. Carol Muench 12/20
Rescue Squad Ann Smith 12/21
Rescue Squad Aaron Johnson 12/21
Rescue Squad Donald Thompson 12/21
Rescue Squad James Barr 12/21
Rescue Squad James Blackburn 12/21
Rescue Squad Mark Deavers 12/20
Rescue Squad R. Storm Cilley 12/20
Rescue Squad Richard McDougall 12/20
Rescue Squad Christopher Towler 12/20