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Forest Practice Board

In accordance with the New York State Forest Practice Act passed in 1946 and amended in 1980 to recognize the Department of Environmental Conservation.  There are nine (9) forest regions in the State, each with a regional board.

Membership shall include certain ex-officio members, without vote including the Chair of the Faculty of Forestry, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Science, Chairperson of the New York Conference Board of Farm Organizations, Chairpersons of the State Fish and Wildlife Management Board, Chairperson of the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee, or their designated representative.  The Forest Practice Act requires that two thirds of the membership be from woodland owners or representatives of corporate owners in the County, the remaining member or members may be Legislators.  In St. Lawrence County, which comprises a forest district, at least five (5) members may be appointed to meet minimum requirements of a district board.

Term: None established.