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Alternatives to Incarceration Board

Pursuant to Article 13-A, Section 261, the Alternatives to Incarceration Advisory Board was created. This Board will review the jail population to determine incarceration practices and trends, provide an analysis of recent overcrowding and measures taken by the County to relieve them, a summary of existing programs and services, a comprehensive plan for development of alternative programs that address specific needs, proposals and time frames for the use of available state aid, and a summary by which the division and the state commission of corrections and measure the proposal’s impact on jail overcrowding.

Membership shall include a County Court Judge, a Criminal Court Judge, the District Attorney, a representative for each of the agencies providing legal services for those unable to afford counsel in criminal cases not to exceed two (2), a County Legislator, Director of Probation, a representative from the local police agencies, a representative of a private organization operating in the County who has involvement with alternatives to incarceration programs, an ex-offender, a crime victim, a County Administrator, Director of Community Services, and one (1) individual who provides state certified alcohol/substance abuse treatment programs. This Board meets one time annually.

Term: None established.