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For Election Inspectors


If you are interested in becoming a NEW Election Inspector, please download, read, and print our Election Inspector Brochure.

Then complete the application that it contains, and get it back to us at the Board of Elections.  The application may be scanned and emailed to us at or dropped in the mail to our office at 80 State Highway 310 in Canton NY 13617.

We will let you know when the next training sessions for prospective new election inspectors are scheduled.


Before you come to attend our class: Election Inspector trainees are encouraged to view a selection of timely training videos, linked from YouTube.

The purpose of this review is to reduce in-person class time by covering the material outside of, and prior to, class.

Black Supply Bag - Contents
Black Binder - Contents
Blue PPE Supply Bag
Opening the Polls, Powering Up of ICE machine
Opening the Polls, Setup of Pollbooks
Poll Site Stations and Duties at Each
Black Supply Bag - Repacking


Just before any Election Day we will post refresher videos. Assigned Election Inspectors should again review key concepts and best practices.

These will also be YouTube links, and there will be associated SurveyMonkey links with them, so that you can confirm your viewing and understanding.