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Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council

Pursuant to Section 69-4.13, the Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council was created.    This Council is to be established in each municipality and meet quarterly at minimum.  The Council will advise early intervention officials in regards to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of eligible children and their families to address gaps in services.  The Council will identify service delivery reforms necessary to promote the availability of services in the natural environment.  They will coordinate the public and private agencies.  The Council will report annually to the early intervention official on the adequacy of the early intervention system to ensure the appropriate services are available for the population.

Membership shall include not less than twelve (12) members, which include at least four (4) parents of children with disabilities from infant to twelve years of age.  Also, at least three (3) public or private providers of early intervention services, at least one (1) child care provider or representative of child care providers, the chief executive officers or their designees of the municipalities’ Department of Social Services, health and mental hygiene and a representative from the local development disabilities services office.

Term: None established.